OUR Mission

We started Guardall in 2006 when we saw that safe lock systems were not keeping up with advances in technology. We saw enormous untapped potential to distribute customer-friendly electronic and mechanical safe lock solutions that used the latest technology & integrated well with other security options. Our mission as SecuRAM lock distributors is to provide high security electronic lock systems backed by the technical expertise to design perfect, unbreakable lock systems that do their job flawlessly.

OUR Vision

We want to provide all our customers with the right mechanical or electronic safe lock solutions for both commercial and personal use that are easy to use, reliable, and highly secure against all forms of unauthorised access. We dream of a world where you have peace of mind knowing that your property and your belongings are adequately protected with our highly innovative locks.

OUR Goal

We implement the latest cutting-edge technologies in our safe lock systems. This helps us provide unprecedented security performance to our clients. Our goal is to continue to remain the leading innovator in the lock technology industry. We will achieve this by incorporating and perfecting technologies such as:

  • Biometric safe lock authentication.
  • Network integration.
  • Remote programming.
  • Real-time communications.
  • Wireless connectivity.

By doing so, we will continue to provide solutions tailored to the needs of our customers. We aim to deliver top-end safe lock solutions for all personal & commercial situations that may be encountered. And we love to see the serenity that our clients experience once they implement our innovative lock system solutions!