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A biometric lock system is one that utilises an optical or thermal scanner in order to scan your fingerprint or handprint to unlock your safe. After the scanner reads your fingerprint you’ll have to enter your authentication code as a final step. Of course you can also add the fingerprints of other people who you trust to access your safe.


You can forget about carrying a key if you own a safe with a biometric lock system. All you need to do is bring your finger (which shouldn’t be a problem!). The days of losing your key or forgetting where you left it are long gone.

There’s no reason to worry about the lock needed battery power. In case there’s a power outage or it’s out of battery you can then use the alternative key that comes with it. This isn’t a key you have to worry about because you might not ever even need to use it. You can keep it in a safe location permanently in case of an emergency.


You might have experienced this with your phone, but a fingerprint scanner will no longer recognise your fingerprint if you get a cut or a scar. In order to bypass this issue you could scan other fingers on the other hand for example so you can use them in case you cut yourself while making a sandwich.

Biometric locks are more expensive than regular key locks. There are cheap alternatives but if you want the best technology you should be prepared to spend extra.

At Safelocks we work to provide you with the most competent and reliable locks and our policy towards biometric lock systems is no different. We focus on providing you with:

Long working life

Safes should be built to last and there’s the belief that newer technology doesn’t. Look at how long old phones used to last while now we change our phones every one or two years. We make sure that our safes last you a long time so you don’t have to go through the trouble of purchasing one every couple of years.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice longevity for advanced technology. Our biometric lock systems are the latest technology but they’re built to last like just like you would expect from a key lock safe.

Minimum maintenance

You should put your mind to rest when it comes to maintenance too. We want you to enjoy our safes rather than stay busy repairing them and fixing their issues. Our safes exist to take care of your problems and make your life easier not the other way around.

Reliable functioning

A lot of people decide to go with key locks because they’re reliable. There’s nothing to it you just insert the key and unlock the safe. Digital and biometric lock systems can be prone to malfunctioning and there’s nothing more frustrating than being locked out of your own safe.

That’s why at Safelocks we guarantee that you won’t have trouble accessing your safe and that’s not just part of our reliability promise, but also part of our low maintenance policy.

Talk to one of our friendly staff for you requirement and we’ll be more than happy to provide advise for the best biometric lock system for your need.

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