Fingerprint Touch lock

Fingerprint Touch lock Fingerprint locks are definitely in right now. From cell phones to safes, touch finger locks are reliable and easy to use. Carrying keys is becoming a thing of the past and the last thing you need in your keychain is an extra key. With our fingerprint lock you can unlock your propoerty […]

Gun Safe Door Locks

Buy Gun Safe Door Locks Safelocks is here to provide you with all you need when it comes to safety and protection. You can choose from a variety of options and customisations such as gun safes, vault doors, or even safe rooms. At Safelocks we have a variety of gun safe digital lock systems that […]

Fingerprint Safe Lock

Buy Fingerprint Safe Lock A fingerprint safe lock is here for your convenience without compromising the security of your documents, money, and any other valuables you might be storing in your safe. The days of mechanical keys or having to memorize a 4 or 5 digit code are behind us. All you need is your […]

Biometric Lock System

Buy Biometric Lock System- Securam A biometric lock system is one that utilises an optical or thermal scanner in order to scan your fingerprint or handprint to unlock your safe. After the scanner reads your fingerprint you’ll have to enter your authentication code as a final step. Of course you can also add the fingerprints […]