Fingerprint Touch lock

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Fingerprint Touch lock

Fingerprint locks are definitely in right now. From cell phones to safes, touch finger locks are reliable and easy to use. Carrying keys is becoming a thing of the past and the last thing you need in your keychain is an extra key. With our fingerprint lock you can unlock your propoerty and access its contents whenever you need with a simple touch.

Everyone can use it from the youngest to the oldest member of your household. Men, women, and children will have no difficulty unlocking the safe if their fingerprints are registered on its system. The lock ensures its reliability through two components, the fingerprint scanner itself and an advanced electronic lock.

Why Guardall

At Guardall we have a reputation to live up to. We use the best and most resilient material available and we combine it with the most recent technology. The end result is a product that is as sturdy as products of the past and as flashy and advanced as the latest technology of our time. Here at Guardall, you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

Battery and Charging

Our touch finger locks don’t consume much power so they’ll last you a long time before you need to recharge them using the USB. They also have a long standby time. This guarantees that you can take it out of a drawer after a long time of not using it with the knowledge that it’ll be charged and functioning.

Portability and Diverse Uses

This is a lock that’s as portable as they come. Just carry it around in your pocket so you can use it whenever you need to. With this with you, you can bike to wherever you want then lock your bike to make sure it doesn’t get stolen all with ease and comfort.

The lock is made of metal, boron carbide shackle, and anti-shim locking mechanism. There’s no way anyone will be able to unlock it besides you. They can try to cut it or shimmy it open but they’ll fail. You can use it to lock a bag, the door to your backyard before a party, or anything else you can think of. Only those with registered fingerprints will be able to unlock it and you can register up to 10 fingerprints.


  • Just apply your finger to the pad to unlock our smart touch finger lock.
  • The padlock is rustproof so no need to worry about leaving it outdoors for extended periods of time.
  • Register up to 10 fingerprints so other family members/employees can unlock it too.
  • Low power consumption and long standby time mean less time waiting for it to charge.
  • Multipurpose and can be used to secure anything you can think of from garage doors to gym bags.
  • No more extra bulk and keys in your keychain, all you need is your finger.
  • It comes with a key that you can use if you’d like or in case you get a paper cut and can’t use your fingerprint.
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