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Buy Gun Safe Door Locks

Safelocks is here to provide you with all you need when it comes to safety and protection. You can choose from a variety of options and customisations such as gun safes, vault doors, or even safe rooms. At Safelocks we have a variety of gun safe digital lock systems that you can choose from. If you’d like more details you can get in touch with one of our staff members for your exact needs.

Digital Lock

Digital locks are safe, efficient, and fast. They can be accessed by multiple people and the person in charge can change the lock whenever he or she wants. Altering the lock is easy and you know it’s safe because each Safelocks lock must pass a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it’s released for customers to buy.

Key Lock

Key locks are the more traditional option and you won’t need to worry about forgetting the key pattern or the safe running out of batteries or charge. Key locks are your best bet if you need to access your safe multiple times every day.

Dual Locking Systems

These are safes that have two separate locks. You need to unlock both of them, separately, before you can access the contents of your safe. This makes it the safest option but it certainly won’t give you quick access to the contents of your safe. This is truly reliable if you’re looking for gun safe digital lock systems.

Additionally, at Safelocks there are added re-lockers for each lock making the dual locking system even more secure and trustworthy.

Lock Products at Safelocks

Electronic Keypad Safe – SafeLogic Basic

Keypads are a traditional easy to use digital lock and a favourite for most people. All you need to do in order to unlock is to enter your password combination then turn the handle. No fuss and no fidgeting with keys. It’s also quite easy to adjust or change your password which you might need to do after an employee leaves for instance or if it’s something you like doing every week or so for safety.

Changing the battery is a simple and straightforward process. Just pull down on the battery compartment lever and remove it to change the battery. When you’re done just put it back in place and relock the lever.

SafeLogic Extreme

SafeLogic Extreme adds an extra level of security and a few neat features. You have the traditional way of opening your safe which is by entering your 6 digit password then turning the safe handle, and you also have another way through using the wheel. Dial your 3 wheel combination and turn the handle to gain access to your safe.

The EntryPad is backlit so you can enter your password even in the dark. The safe also comes with an AutoLock features. It locks once its door is closed so you don’t need to spend your time wondering whether or not you remembered to lock it.

ScanLogic Swipe – Biometric Safe Lock

Don’t want to carry a key around and keep forgetting passwords? No problem. All you need to unlock the ScanLogic Swipe Biometric Safe Lock is your finger. Just swipe your finger and turn the handle to gain access to your safe’s contents.

You can register up to 10 fingerprints for the safe.

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