SecuRAM Electronic Keypad Safe- SafeLogic Basic


The SafeLogic Basic is a very reliable and economical safe lock system ideal for most applications. The SafeLogic Basic features SecuRam’s rugged stainless steel construction.

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SKU: SafeLogic Basic
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     Enter your code and turn the safe handle. That’s it.
    Easy keypad programming allows for code changes.
    Battery Changes are simple. Pull down on SureLock Battery Compartment Lever and remove the compartment to change the 9 Volt battery. Then slide the SureLock back in place and lock the lever.
    Every SecuRam lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility. Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.

  •  Can be paired with a Securam Swingbolt, Deadbolt, Springbolt or StrikeBolt
     6 digit User code
     User code can be changed as frequently as needed
     SureLock Battery Management design for easy battery replacement

  • Change code

    Change Battery