SecuRAM SafeLogic Xtreme Electronic Lock


The SafeLogic Xtreme is a highly advanced electromechanical safe lock system that offers EMP protection. Access assured. SafeLogic Xtreme features push button code access for every day use PLUS SpinDialTM access when situations demand it.

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    Push Button access: Enter your 6 digit code and turn the safe handle.
    SpinDialTM Access: Dial your 3 wheel combination, and turn the safe handle. That’s it.
    Easy keypad programming allows for code changes, additions, and deletions. Enable and Disable function also.
    EntryPad is BackLit for easy code entry – even in the dark.
    SpinDialTM lighting is activated upon combination entry.
    Every SecuRAM lock undergoes a 2,000 cycle quality management program before it leaves the manufacturing facility. Unprecedented commitment to quality and reliability.
    SafeLogic Xtreme features instant AutoLock feature which assures your safe is locked and secure, the moment you close the door.

  • 2 Codes: Manager Code and User Code PLUS SpinDialTM Combination
    EntryPad is BackLit. Press any button and the Backlighting activates. SpinDialTM light activates as dial is rotated
    Instant AutoLock feature
    10,000+ openings on a 9 Volt battery
    4 minute Penalty LockOut upon entry of 4 incorrect codes
    Rugged Stainless Steel EntryPad Housing
    Standard footprint and mounting pattern, easy retrofit for any mechanical or digital electronic safe locks
    Finishes available: Chrome

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