Product Range

We offer Australia’s best electronic safe locks. View our wide range of safe lock Entrypads and find functions which suit your needs:

  • The SafeLogic Series features an electronic safe lock system. The design attains a robust stainless build with BackLighting for access in the dark. Our safe lock systems are simple and easy to use, just type in your unique 6-digit code and you’re in!
  • The Prologic Series comprises of digital safe locks with an LCD screen. Great for commercial and retail use including features such as multi-user functions, TimeLock, Dual Control and Audit Trails with optional wireless connectivity.
  • The Scanlogic Series is an advanced biometric safe lock which opens your safe with the touch of your finger. Our biometric safe locks scan and open with your fingerprint. Our fingerprint technology safeguards you, so only authorized personnel can access your safe, multi-user setup available.